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Flimsy - a fluffy rolling ball of fur!

The newest app from BorgB is called Flimsy and is for iOS and Amdroid:

  • Endless scrolling adventure
  • Local and online highscore
  • Collect coins as you roll along
  • Youtube link

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BorgB homepage


This page contains all the latest information about BorgB . The app section has an overview of all apps published by BorgB and links to their own pages or App Store page. Sections under development are the 3D visualization page and the photo page.

Latest news:

App section up.

The app section showin all apps created by BorgB is now up.


This section contains links to the individual app pages or a link to the appstore page of that app. Not all apps have their own page yet, but it is also under development. Check the page out and try out some fun and entertaining apps!

New webpage up!

The new webpage is finally up and will be filled with new content soon.


After a long period of spending alot of time learing to program and focus elsewhere I finally got time to update my webpage. I will do my best to keep it updated and fill it with new content. I will have everything from the latest news to tutorials and content for fellow developers and artists.

Asset section up and running!

The asset section will containt different images and tutorials that I create for you to use freely


I will try and update this regualry and add things I make that you can use in your projects. There will also be some tutorials there in the future of tips and tricks of things I find useful.