- creativity in progress


Take on the role as Flimsy, a fluffy rolling ball of fur!


  • Endless scrolling adventure!
  • Collect coins as you roll along to gain points
  • Avoid hitting walls
  • Higscores on Google Play and Game Center


Enter a world of noise!


  • One touch gameplay.
  • Avoid the oncoming columns of noise.
  • Endless amount of fun and noise!
  • Higscores on Google Play and Game Center


Flip it and see what happens!


  • Create your own cards from photos or album art and set up your own rules.
  • The number of cards in the game can be chosen from 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49 and 64.
  • Save your favoruite games so you can quickly load them up for later on.
  • The game also comes with eight premade icons for quick setup.


Easy to get into but hard to master.


  • Local two player or single player vs computer.
  • Choose between 12 different playing pieces and 6 different boards to play on.
  • The goal of the game is to be the one with the most playing pieces on the board when the game is over. Game over happens when all spots on the board are filled up or there are no more possible moves for either player.
  • On your turn, you place one piece on the board with your color. You must place the piece so that an opponent's piece, or a row of opponent's pieces, is flanked by your pieces. All of the opponent's pieces between your pieces are then turned over to become your color.


A simple and easy to use app for practicing math.


  • Choose between addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
  • There is a option to set the highest number to be used in the math problems from 9-20 with a slider. This way you can limit the difficulty of the math problems that gets generated. With a second slider you can set a fixed number from 1-20 to be used, this number will then always be a part of the math problems. Comes in handy if you want to practice the multiplication table.
  • Use the coins to count out the number or simply type the answere in and check if you got i right. The coins are valued at 1, 5, 10 and 20. Tap a coin to put it out and its value gets added to the answere. Double tap a coin that is out to remove it and subtract it from the answere.

BB Teaching Clock

Practice how to tell time


  • An easy app that lets you practice how to tell time. Set the hands on the clock to the correct position according to the time given.
  • 6 different settings in difficulty depending on what minute interval you want to practice on. Whole hours, half hours, quarters, ten minutes, five minutes and one minute..

BB Reward

Motivates you to get the chore done!


  • BB Reward helps you set up tasks to be done and rewards to be gained. By completing a task you will achive a chosen amount of points. These points can then be spent on a wanted reward when you have enough. Make those boring chores and everyday jobs more fun and interesting to do! With BB Reward you can easier visualize your progress towards rewards and it creates an overview of the tasks that should be done at home, school or at work.

Photograph It

Challenge your creativity every day!


  • Every day a new word will be shown and its up to you to take a photo that represents this word. What do you think of when you read the word? What kind of images pop up in your mind? Try to capture these images with the camera or challenge yourself to look at the word in a different light.


  • Let the words spark your imagination and share it with your friends!

Calculate It

A simple calculator for the ipad/iphone


  • There are currently 2 differents skins but more will be added. If there are any favorite colors or suggestions you have for a skin you would like to see please tell me and we will se if it cant be added to the list!

BB Match

A fun and challenging card matching game


  • The two game modes are Match and Reaction. In Match mode you must find the matching card shown in the lower right corner by flipping over the cards on the playfield. In Reaction mode the cards are already flipped over and you need to locate the matching card as fast as possible. Scoring is a combination of number of tries and the time taken to complete the game.


  • Choose your desired difficulty level by tapping the different colors on the traffic light - 6, 12, 20 or 30 cards. Or you can choose endless mode where you fight against the clock. Every time you get one right more time is added to the clock and a new card replaces the old one.

BB Yatzy

A fun game of dice for the whole family


  • 1-4 players local on device or on multiple devices within the same wi-fi network.


The game has two main game types:

  • Yatzy - 15 different scoring combinations, 5 dice, 3 rolls each turn.
  • MaxiYatzy - 20 different scoring combinations, 6 dice, 3 rolls each turn and lets you save up unused rolls


These are then divided into two modes again:

  • Free mode: lets you decide where to best put your points which gives it a strategic element as well.
  • Forced mode: you have to go from top to bottom, except if you get the Yatzy/MaxiYatzy combination.